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What Happens During My Pet’s Spay?

What Happens During My Pet’s Spay?

Although you know you should spay your female pet to prevent a host of medical and behavior issues, as well as unwanted puppies, you may not know what exactly happens during a spay surgery. Since World Spay Day—February 23—is approaching, let’s explain the procedure,...

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Parasites You Can Get From Your Pet

Parasites You Can Get From Your Pet

Your pet could be "bugged" with parasites known as zoonotic parasites. Some pets are born with intestinal worms (which are transmitted from their mother while in utero or through milk), and they can pick up parasites in their environment. Intestinal parasites also can...

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How to Help Your Shelter or Rescue Pet Feel at Home

How to Help Your Shelter or Rescue Pet Feel at Home

Welcoming a shelter or rescue pet to your family is an exciting time! But have you considered how much your new furry pal will need to adjust during the first few months? Check out these rules of three to help with the transition for both you and your pet.  The first...

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